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Alex Guichet

A member registered Jul 16, 2017

Recent community posts

Hey! I wrote a short little profile of your game on my website—I really enjoyed it. I loved the chill vibe and incredible music.

This game is great. I've played two of your games so far and liked both, so I'm definitely going to explore your backlog at some point. I appreciate that your games cover LGBT topics with nuance. 

I covered this on my website,—I hope it can bring a few more players in.

Hey, this was fun! The art is outstanding—a screenshot is now my desktop background on my computer. I shared it out at Thanks!

Wow, this was an unexpectedly delightful game. It's golf, but it's not, and that's *weird*, but great.

You should upload screenshots, expand on the description, and show off the gameplay—more people should see and play this. 

I wrote about your game on my site here!

Hey! This is fun. It's like the Spore cell stage, but different. I wish there wasn't a fixed amount of food each cycle, and that the enemies didn't get so much harder each cycle. It's fun to get through a few waves though.