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Still the same result.

I think it can be more comfortable if we add each other in discord, if it will be ok for you.

Launched new version. I can't pick another day now, so I tried only the first chapter. Same bug, nothing happens after Hey word.

I'll try it out and write about it, in about an hour or two.

I played it back in 2012! Or somewhere near. I dig this game, it tickles my perceptions so much I get instant fear attacks and I love it.

I have this hey bug. So, I tried to go to window mode, didn't help. Also tried using different compitability mode (win8 mode, playing on win10). And I quickly ran through all the chapters using choose day option. Other chaps also have the bug. Chapter 2 - it writes heyo and nothing happens after. Chapter 3 - leaves a blank bubble and writes nothing. Chapter 4 delivers a picture, becoming blue bubble, then nothing happens. Chapter 5 - message is delivered, then nothing happens. Last chapter gives you 2 grey messages, after jumping through them to your potential message bubble it does nothing. Hope this helps somehow! The design intrigues me!

Я в восторге. Да Нил (и, конечно, все, кто с тобой работает), ты сделал нечто дявольское и непредсказуемое. Много мелочей увидел, которые добавляют по-своему общее напряжение, даже если некоторые возможно были случайные (например, что некоторые вещи лежат высоко на полках и временно приходится терять зрительный контакт с окружением, или перк на урон от дэша заставляет лететь прямо во врагов, что превращает полезную функцию в нечто требующее смелости). Дизайн звука - моё почтение, для хоррора идеальнее сделать нельзя было бы, все звуки как-будто сломаны и это полностью ломает ожидание, даже когда привыкаешь к ним. Перк на You find yourself at weird places каждый раз меня будоражил как в первый. Единственное что, пока нахожу раздражающим немного быстрый вывод из строя огнестрела, хотя это скорее на пользу сложности идёт, а сложность = +жуткость. В общем активно буду следить за проектом, спасибо! (вкинул денежки, немного, но что могу)

Appreciate it a lot, once again, thank you for your support!

I'm happy it's out soon, the demo instantly hooked me up and I have been following the news ever scince. Congrats on finishing, I'm sure it's gonna be a blast!

Thanks! The next one is gonna be a turn-based rpg. I try to save puzzle elements, visual style and the unknown world feeling, though it's more of a learn thing and not a figure out thing (figuring out is still in there, but more optional). A demo will be out in 1-2 months. After that I don't know which genre I pick, maybe puzzle adventure again.

Congrats! You are one of a few people who got any ending at all, so thank you a lot!

You can check out Dissonance, it may be up your alley too (it's also free).

WORLD OF HORROR community · Created a new topic Bug report

Didn't find where to send bugs, so I'll write it here. Have a problem with mouse cursor, when the game restarts (by defeat or through pressing Q button) cursor stucks on the screen and cannot be moved, if I click something where my mouse should be right now, it doesn't work.

Thank you for feedback! It is a pleasure, that someone appreciates my game :)