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This is like Outer Wilds but other! I very like it!

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I still have strange bug with mouse sensitivity(it's very sticky and illogical and i can't understand, why - this effect does not exist in game in my first session. Deleting cache in appdata/locallow does not help), inventory working, but after i drop pickaxe on hotbar i have "select nothing" text in left-up corner. After i tryin drop pickaxe back to inventory it's just disappear! Also i have a very laggy bug if i drop out of map(on map border) - i can't open menu! And i have another bug - if i select grass in hotbar i have text "left click to" and after i click on LMB grass just disappear. And 2 not bugs but problems with understanding - i can't understand, what i can do and what i can find in world and i haven't bonus for levelup. Thanks for fixes and sorry about my bad english!:)
upd: i have LAGS if night appears. on RTX 2080 Super. lags.

I can bug report now! Inventory not working correct on 21:9 screen(2560x1080). I know unity don't like ultra-wide screens, but I hope you can fix that! Your game is very impressive, I like it! (also I have a strange bug with mouse. this bug start working after I make second world and in the first world I also have it)

How i can drop anything from inventory to hotbar? I very need a tutorial in game...

Very, very cute game! 
slimes are beautiful!
I very like it! Please, make updates!

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Not bad idea, but music in game is... not very impressive. Also i can't use my own music for this(this is very important feature for rhythm game).