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Thanks! I've actually started some and a few are complete, but it might take a while to complete the rest. 

Hi! Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy them! I'm considering doing a remix of these sprites by swapping out their heads/bodies/colors, but nothing official yet. 

Hi! Yes, that's okay. You can edit these and use them in your published game. As long as you aren't selling them as part of a new asset pack or selling them individually.

Thank You! 

Hi! I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I don't think so. 

Thanks! It's definitely fewer pixels than the battle set, so I will think it over.

Thank you. I don't plan on doing 8 directions, but I do plan on making new overworld poses for Pixel Champions I & II.  I'm not sure if every pose will be available in all directions. 

I fixed some of the shading & coloring on a few of the characters, so I'll be uploading the changes in the near future.

Overworld Sprites and the Face Pack are now available!

I apologize for not getting to this sooner, but you are correct. The tiles aren't set up for RPGMaker. I tried it a few times with this tileset in the past, but I have so many tiles that they didn't fit the way I expected. I mostly used RPGMaker 2003/XP when I first started making pixel art, so the formats of VX, MV, & MZ are a bit less familiar to me. It was also taking time away from creating new tiles, but I totally understand the need so I may look into trying it again in the future.

Also, I'll look into adding underworld tiles to the overworld. I think it would be a great addition. 

I don't have release dates since I've been real busy with my full time job, but a few tilesets I've started are:
Techno City/Factory
Magical-Tech Dungeon Interior
Airship of Metal
Byzantine Castle
Gothic Castle
Castle Interior
and an Ancient Dungeon Interior.

I may make the tilesets smaller to release them sooner, and release expansions later.
Thank you for being interested!

Hi! Yes. Please refer to this page for how I'm handling the license.

I'm sorry for the delay, but I just reuploaded the tileset with 2x and 3x sizes.

Do mean scaling it up? It should scale correctly at 200%, 300%, and 400%. 150% however will give poor results. If you are using photoshop or something similar, make sure interpolation is set to "Nearest Neighbor" when scaling, otherwise you'll end up with blurry pixels. Would you like me to include scaled versions in the zip?

Hi! The license guidelines for this products can be found here:

Awesome, I appreciate your support!

Thanks! I'm excited to see what gets made!

Sure! I'd love to see what you come up with.

I checked it out and I didn't see anything wrong with #10 in my file, but I did notice #20 has eye color inconsistencies. I will continue looking over all these characters and then reupload them. Thanks again for noticing these things and let me know if you catch anything else! 

Thanks! I’m available and seeking opportunities. 

I reuploaded the zip with the fixed frames. Let me know if you see anything else. Thanks again.

Thats a mistake. It looks like they're missing in my master file as well. Thanks for catching that! I'll update those frames immediately. 

Thanks! I noticed Square seems to favor FF6 proportions for their new mobile games so I've been focusing more on a FF4/5/Romancing Saga 1 style.

Yes. Any new additions to PC2 will also be applied to PC1. The mini sprites will be next and I plan on making them 3 frames per direction instead of 2.

Thank you! 

Yes! Mini overworld sprites are coming very soon. Possibly large ones as well. 

Yes, the character base in the example is included. He is character number 20 in the zip. 

Front and back facing walk animations of the large battler sprites are not currently planned, but I will consider that for the future. Forgive me if I misread your comment, but I think that's what you are asking for?

For RPGMaker MV I resized the sprites to be 3x their original size since the app is high resolution. I just reuploaded the file with the unresized sprites in a separate folder if that helps.

Thanks! Yes, modifications are okay with me. Ideally I’d like to release the next character pack sometime next month. I could possibly get it out sooner if I lower the amount of characters and add them in later in an update, but I’m planning on this next pack being much larger.

Yes, that should be fine. Thank you! 

Thanks so much! More tilesets and characters are on the way!

That's great to hear! An expanded pack is currently in development.

There are no top down attack animations, just walking animations and a few poses for cutscenes.
Top down attacks and interactions may come later.

Sure! I'll see what I can do.

Thank you! Feel free to use them anyway you'd like :)

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Thank you so much! :)
Sure, I can absolutely make them bigger. Do you mean more poses or more characters?

It may be a while before they are released, but I have a few enemies in progress :)