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Alexis Clay

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جرب متصفح آخر
Firefox or Chrome

للأسف لا أعرف كيف الحل غير ذلك

اللعبة صنعت بمحرك

هنا كود اللعبة الكامل

Thanks a lot! It was nice watching you get spooked by the turrets and the spikes, lol.

I emailed you!

Hello, I emailed you!

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I can't tell if you're joking or not, but if you're serious, feel free to email me.
I can't find your contact details on your profile.

Sorry about not saving progress :/
There's a cheat code to unlock all levels. You have to hold "A" & "B" buttons on the right controller for 5 seconds.

Thank you! I loved the trick you did on level 9 where you stay between the floor blocks!

I found the download button here:

What are you stuck on? The game works on my end, and it's free to download.

I mega cheesed the last level by moving around randomly until I won.

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If this website doesn't work, you can download the game from here to play offline:
2- Extract ALL THE FILES from the zip file into a separate folder.
3- Start the game by opening "index.html" in your browser.

it's everything i ever wanted and more.

I actually released the player character separately as CC0 public domain years ago :D
You can download the graphics here:

Thanks! I probably will return to it sometime.

Thank you! :D

Yeah, I'm considering putting this on Android.

I really enjoyed this. The controls were satisfying, and the spongy water effects and particles look soo cool! And the level goal is innovative! I made it to level 8 after many tries.

Thanks. At the end of the jam, I was so sleep-deprived I too thought level 4 was unbeatable :D

Thanks, Suhail! I'll consider working on it further.

I could see myself playing this for a while! Waiting for the post-jam version that you plan to make :D

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Thank you! By the way, I loved your latest project, NEBO! Got some good Another World vibes from it.

Seconded. I think this can be solved if the developer picked "Windows" as a platform for the game file.
Or maybe if they used a zip file instead of rar.

My player character fits neatly with the artstyle :)

Would you like to use the newer, more detailed birds?