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i am guessing theres a step process that exists as theres other items you can pick up in the world

hey i am playing this game when looking around sometimes the game throws the camera behind me it hinders movement and annoys me alot because i want to go in a direction were i want to run away and then camera puts itself toward the thing i want to run away from

great game although i would have liked to be able to do more in the demo

hey i want note this if you have previous version installed all wasd keys will default to them being binded to move forward only

any guides for all the collectiables and stuff

were are the saves that are planned?

hey i would like more options and mabye add in some cheats too  it seems power goes down quickly and can easily get the player frustated  by giving them some cheats your allowing them on their own will to explore more of the game

please hold this to more scrutiny from what i know both sides really don't have anything in this image we don't actually know if its real screenshot or not i seen faked screenshots of other people i wouldn't put past anyone if a fake screenshot as for  strange girls vagueness its probably because they are getting advice from legal team i would like some hard evidence showing this is infact strange girl and not someone posing as them if you like example of someone not backing up their claims with any truth to them just look towards J.A.R (just a robot) they had something like this come up and they had to prove it by going live and clicking on the persons dms to show he had not done this showing it was infact a poser  both sides can be little clearer but seeing how strange girls acting we won't get any word from them untill they are legally allowed to disclose details  and with hot pink all they shown are words a testimony  if you will they don't hold any real water because there's no foundation and they are just vauge as strange girl is 

i can understand that but i hope you can also understand that the two games the report is mentioning are fundamentally different  if it were to go to court i don't see the attacking team winning at all without copywrite on game mechanic or an idea we all know what crazy taxi did with its arrow  there has to be hard evidence like code being reused from your game  and such and such what there needs to be from both sides is showing what happened the whole truth instead of throwing accusations to one another  for example strange girl being vague could be due to a legal side or legal battle that might happen as most lawyers advise little to no contact with anyone

hmm i am looking things over while looking away from the other things such as who reported the game and what side is doing what i am focusing on matter if one game copied the other i played all 3 games and i know what i am doing looking  at here now love craft locker has had been inactive this game started Deveolpment with aim of remastering  tentacle locker looking at all 3 games  not only is lovecraft's art style different from 2 games it also has to be proven that game has intentionally copied another or has stolen an idea (for example crazy taxi's arrow that basically prevents a game devopler from making a certain game mechanic or cert game in that way) it is very clear both tentacle locker and love craft are going completely different directions the story mechanics down to how the girls react and everything the only reason i can think of why strange girl is so vague is because they are getting their legal teams ready to prove that this game isn't just the same game as hot pinks the only way that hotpink would win is if there was stolen code in the game which i doubt seeing as it uses it own engine (sorry for my bad english) tldr: hot pinks case is not really case without some essential componts  that they have not disclosed  and strange girl isn't being to open due to them getting ready for legal battle

when will the tablet bug be fixed it seems important to gameplay like really important  because of currently i still can not see the tablet 

hey wasd all go forward and tablet is straight up invisable and i can't see any of the cams 

i wish i could  do that but when getting caught most of them are randomized so i am basically rolling dice hopping i don't get on the requires me to get carple tunnel 

which is kind of problem the enemys respawn so i  end up shooting more then i can get

i loved game played on gamejolt before it blacklisted adult games i am sad that the plans for that was discontuined i honestly like style and charatchers  and all that stuff i hope nintendo loosens up a little  since nothing nintendo related ever comes to pc at all

please fix the sound in verison 0.4 and also make it so the itch client can download it without manual install 

as much as i like this game saving should be  done asp it isn't that easy to get through all of monsters at times i run out of clips to kill monsters with  and i can only carry 3 at  a time  in my very honest  opinion get checkpoints and saves working or increase the damage and clip amount as of writing this it takes a lot of skill to beat and there some enemys that will tank shots despite being smaller then you  in way most players who aren't skilled enough or have good aim usually can't get to end because they usually end up running low as fuck 

thanks  also i died 15 times   trying to parkour across water resetting my progress to my last save

please put in more save spots and more hints at what you are supposed 

 to do 

i alreadly passed that i found a gate i can not open 

not an answer or related on as i  said there was unopened gate  and i could't find the key for it  if i was asking about doors i would have said so

when willl you add a download for the client?

please help i can't find where i make it 

hey is shop keep suposed to say someting i feel like shes a bit broken

forgot to reply you should add that as option as most poeple do not like messing with game files or coding to get something work in certain way

if you come back please fix the collison

hey put in my email into the game with name and password for the sign up section it says invaild input parameters and says nothing of what i done wrong

i have checked all the door i could check none of the other gates open

please give mouse options like senstivy

you gave me incorrect answer because there is still unopened gates

please for the love god fix framerate when reloading and please add health bars so i know i am damaging enemys

why is window of game so damn small man?

how do i get through the many locked gates?

yes and no  i have not unequiped said  weapon just ran another playthrough i gotten 5 hits 3 in a row in 20 hits the last 2 not missing 

oh also one more thing from rpg games i have played in the same style they ussally  forgo the miss system entirely thats why i mentioned the luck status

well out of 40 hits in the first battle 3 i managed to hit before i just used the special instead  which could also miss 3 times

i got no idea how the code works but my guess its the luck stat thats making miss more then he should 

how the fuck does it happen while through out an entire game

weres the discord

the rabbit keeps missing when i am trying to attack the oppent he misses so god damn often i am really annoyed by it