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A member registered Jul 18, 2020

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Hey, could I make my own Character Classes for Animon and upload them for free?? Maybe you could help me balance them! :) 

Ok! :)

OMG this game looks so much fun and might get it after my next paycheck comes in! Hey, I have a YouTube channel and would love to play this one day on it but need a Game Master to do so, do you perhaps want to do a collaboration one day and play this game??? I got an email if you want to talk about this more-Alex from AlexsGamingShow.

Would love to try it out and play it on my Youtube Channel! Do you ever run special games for Youtubers?? After buying a copy would you like to run me through a scenario and we can make a collaboration video on it?? I got an email if you want to talk about this idea more!-Alexander S.

Just purchased the DriveThruRPG version of the PDF. So far no issues on my end. Loved the whole book and looking forward into playing it one day with my gf since she likes Anime. She might like this as well. :)