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well i like baldi x baldina is better ship 

ok here list a scary game in baldi fan game character

1. viktor

2. alex from alex basics

3. baldina

so cool right


also where did you get viktor and alex and baldina i want it know

wow blakedude7 i know in roblox you just did baldi and baldina i hope there add viktor and alex in it that will be cool

absollover i got found a game that made viktor game here

uh well i am a new guy but i don't know

what account

yeah i wish well i try get on unity but then it show me a setup i don't have moms passwords

nice map man and how you do that

darn i don't like playgirl is a clown girl i love it

so that blue one is the bully right because that a bsoda ver of bully

or baldi be headless horseman

my mod ideas is play for angry teacher halloween edition baldi be pumpkin head and playgirl will be female vampire and a kid who baldi get kid is will be zombie

wow awecom also i try do mod but something never work ahhh

ok that remind me of baldi's basics fangame cross over but what if they do mod as cutman or johhny old boy or alex from alex basics biology and zoology or viktor and baldina also vannalemon le billy aka billy's basics

hey may i got a quiz dust baldina is baldi wife

oh it doing good

woow nice work what if you will do 5 nights of basics education 2 because i want to see what happen