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It looks and works the same, but its not the actual same, if you want to test it out for yourself:

I am here (once again (I think) ) to ask: "Can you use Turbowarp (and/or other scratch related programs)???" 

Thats it... Thank you

Hi! I want to know, for what model the game needs to be made (and then I mean, does it need to be for: the original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance (SP) )

This is important because of the graphics, the original Game Boy has different graphics then the Game Boy color! So it's mostly for the color schemes!

Thank you


I really love the look of this asset pack, so my question is... Can you use this in game jams???

It's the map that's moving not the player... And didn't had enough time to finish good collision so I made collision with layers instead!

I know it's not the scratch website itself BUT it's the scratch coding language... Only with some minor adjustments, like 60 fps instead of 30, plus you can export your scratch games easier and a bunch more!

Here the website to see for yourself:

Thank you for reading

Hi people! Bug report/glitches in comments please! So I can fix them ~~hopefully~~

oh okay

I have not joined yet but I am interested... Can you use any game engine because you guys had a beautiful picture of a cat and then with the game engines; Unity, Game maker and Gobot... I use a different engine. is that ok?

Happy new year people! Looking forward to what 2023 brings us!

I like the game! It's simple yet so fun!

I like this game! It looks cool and I love the gameplay even tho it's very simple... Maybe a main menu would be cool to see.

Good and fun game!

Fun game! Would recommend to say what to do... Because I was kinda confused in the beginning

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What type of file does it needs to be... A lot of the submissions are html, is it alright if its not html but exe... Or does it needs to be both then?

Thank you for reading

thank you!

This is work is amazing! Good job really love it


Turbowarp is a scratch program that also works on your brower with some amazing and better features then scratch itself. You can also convert your games into a .exe or a .html or something else... I use this tool so thats the reason behind this question.

Here is a link to turbowarp: