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Hover bots: extended attack range, cant pick up balls, less accuracy harder to hit.

Friendlies: on your team but cant control their A.I.

Hints: if you lose 5-10 times it will give you a hint about the enemy A.I.

replicators: replicates a robot with A.I. implanted +10 secs for each command. attack nearest enemy 10 sec my awesome A.I. 3 minutes. Max 2 extra bots.(can replace destroyed robots)

rouge A.I.: if your A.I. has more than 10-20 commands there is a 10% chance it goes rouge.

Relays: certain game modes could have relays that if your robots are not in range they will stop working. Destroying a relay captures it.

Human controlled robot: only one per game and you must earn it with credits by playing the game(no micro transactions)

High ground/low ground: give advantages and blocks line of sight.

Q6 you said in another forum something about alpha 4 but there is only alpha 3.2 available. where can I find it?

Do you have any plans for the for the game like different ships, different human classes like engineer(notices and fixes things faster), or peaceful methoods of *deposing* of humans.

Q2 does this game auto update on windows or do I need to download a new version every time?

Different weapons for the robots.

sniper +long range +high damage -reload - short range

machine gun (current gun)

Mortar +mid range + splash damage -reload -short range

Adapting A.I. if you use one A.I. over and over again the computer will adapt.(but only to that a.i. if you change your main a.i. it reverts back to normal a.i.)

building/wall something that blocks line of sight creating a fog of war.

self destruct. Instantly explode your own machine killing anything with in x amount of distance.

survival mode. test your a.i. against increasing waves of enemies.