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ATLYSS communityCreated a new topic A question

Will you release ATLYSS for mobile?

Are you thinking about releasing the game for mobile?

Mobile pleeease馃槶馃槶馃槶

this game is amazing, have you thought about releasing it for mobile?

will you release this game for mobile?

Why can I skip the car minigame, in the morning, in the afternoon but I can't skip in the evening?

How can I make it slower?

I'm still hopeful that this game will be released for mobile platforms

I give up playing the game because I can't pass the car minigame lol

are you going to make this game available for android mobile?

Will you release this game for mobile platforms?

Will this game release for mobile?

Will this game be released for mobile platforms?

Oh so hero will be released for mobile platforms?

Will Swallow the Sea release for mobile platforms?

maple county will launch for mobile platforms?

are you going to launch oh so heroes for mobile? it would be nice to have a mobile version

well i think the game is very good but in the mini game you are in a car in the desert it is very difficult the gas runs out fast and the game should have a progress bar to show if we are close