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Alex Voxel

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i got -1000 score, i'm terrible. Nice concept tho

Very good job, i love the art!

This game is really amazing, congrats!

Great visuals and nice game, thank you!

Nice game, i like it :)

Pretty art

I can see this going pretty well as a mobile game if developed a bit more

Great small game, i liked the art and music, the mechanic need to be developed a bit more, but good job

nice prototype

Nice job, great for first test with unity!

I hate this game, it's great tho ;)

Thank you for the insight, it's still interesting

Good luck for the kickstarter!

I released the godot project folder inside the game zip :P

"Maybe the player has only 10 or 15 seconds to collect the next coin or game over"

This is actually a pretty good idea, i definitely need to add some enemies, and maybe i can add more and more enemies if you miss the 10-15 seconds to collect the next coin (or a simple game over)

The music is pretty bad, i have to change it!

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for your feedback!

Yeah, the sound is annoying, i made something really fast and i don't really have much experience in music ._. 

Thank you for your precious feedback! :D

Thank you! I'll try to make the scene more active next time :)

You're kinda right ;)

Thank you for your feedback!

You're right tho, i should make a more engaging game xD

No, the theme of the jam i made this game for was ouroboros. 

So running in circle and collecting coins forever kinda makes sense (at least in my mind)

Thank you!

That is the idea ๐Ÿ˜‚

Amazing tool, thank you!