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Alex Kidd

A member registered Sep 24, 2018

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Losky said the f word and the b word

Ariana said the c word

Now it's Melanie's turn to say the n word



But it says those are the only files i need

That's the only way i could find them

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The game runs only with the dlls but it runs without sound (The Dlls i mean are X3DAudio1_7 and XAPOFX1_5)

What file?

Here's all i have:

Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3350 1.10GHz    1.10 GHz

Memory (RAM): 4,00 GB (3,84 GB that i can use)

System: 64 Bits

Oh come on you help this guy and you don't help me :c

No you'll not!

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I want some help and this is what i got :c

That was mean!

Do you know how to fix my error?

Do you know how to fix my error?

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Do you know how to fix my error?

Do you know how to fix my error?

Someone knows how to fix my error?

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do you know how to fix my problem?

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Hey dude,

there's an error that appears to me when i try to play the moddable version. When i try to open MSITUA.exe, it says that it can't run because there isn't the X3DAudio1_7.dll, and XAPOFX1_5.dll, and when i download the dlls and put them in System32, the game runs, but without sound. Please help. Can you reply please? At least reply :C

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It's Scrina with Erie from Viktor Strobovski

Cluttyboy! I didn't know that you have an page!

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I'm planning to make a mod about me of it and when i'll say to the one that trashed the page that i'm making a mod he'll untrash it

Hey S-Pider the one who created that page was me!

Can you update this to 1.3.2?

Or sandy.