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Alessandro Scuderi

A member registered May 23, 2020

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Yes there is the City Map on PDF, but like Hessian or Steel Ranger it is missing on the map all the level outside and underground the city.

Grazie ancora, un altro bellissimo gioco in versione Commodore con nuovi livelli, meraviglioso. Ho contribuito subito馃槈 Domani lo provo in live se posso come anteprima.

Grazie, rigiocato anche oggi su Twitch (vedo di caricarlo su youtube il video ma devo separarlo da altri giochi) ora sono arrivato al livello 11 sempre pi霉 bello di livello in livello. Notte!

Great and best music intro by Richard Bayliss on tape; Very good sci-fi game to play; much easier on first 2 ships but from the 3rd it become very difficult at least for me to go forward. Recomended

Prego, ho caricato la live di ieri su Bagman Strikes Back su youtube:

Thank you Luca, amo Bagman dal 1982 e 24 livelli 猫 incredibile solo il pensiero per quanto sara' bello giocarli. Ci faro' live su twitch apposite per divulgarlo, meriti ricompense e recensioni ovunque. Grazie!

Bought yesterday and play for an hour or so, great gameplay and story like a spy story movie, with remind to classic movie like 1997 Escape from new york or the The warriors (in italy the title was "I Guerrieri della notte). 

Also Great music as always Lasse Oorni, best of the best heard in C64 with Steel Ranger and Hessian.

Thanks and hope to see in the future other new project maybe different in style from these 3 i mentioned. 10/10 for me. 

Very good game, graphics awesome, scrolling and sprites beautiful, i like you have to think to move and avoid eating plant and choose the fast bug to eliminate instead the slowest. Great work. Thanks!

Thanks for the game, very beautiful music and graphics and as i am typist i found challenging from the half of the game. Great game!

Great Game to play, full of fun and pac-man style. Awesome music and graphics.

Best Sci-fi game on C64 and applause to Lasse Oorni for the awesome music and graphics on the game.

Thannk you for this wonderful game, i buy yesterday and play on here's the record of the play on youtube (italian spoken)

C64 - "Runn N Gunn" Live on - YouTube