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Heeeello, sorry for disappearing all this time. I have to study because I am an student and I do not have time to play the game. Sorry about that.

I continue playing the game yerterday and I found the little secret area at the ending that have the three pedestals. I have one of the items, the skull, but the others two I do not know where they can be...........I would appreciate if you coud give me any clue of where this items may be because I have looked for them in all the game and I did not find them.

Besides, I saw that you are developing the second part of dismantled and I saw the screenshots I am really looking forward to play the game. Take your time of course.

Lastly, I hope you are in good health and I hope that all your projects go very well. :)

Hello, do not worry about the delay :D

I have finished the Dlc, it was amazing!!! I really like the last zone, it is very creppy and mysterious. I saw an abomination in a tube in the last zone.........I can not wait to see them in action in the next update or game. I obtein the two endings in that zone (Good and Bad) and I obtain another Good ending before entering the bunker, but I do not find the other bad ending......

Also I would like to ask you about something about the main game:

- In the secret of the cave, I found 2 keys, do they open and special door  or it just the keys that the player uses in the following areas and the player obtain them before,

- During the ending of the cathedral, the music suddenly stopped, I do not know if this was a random glitch or a bug. I will that part again to check it out.

-Besides, I extremely like the last secrets with some information of the development of the game and all those enemies..........I really love it :).

- I will try to make a picture of the doors that I told you in the previous message

Moreover, I want to tell you that in itchio if I search for your game it does not appear on the page, I do not know why.

Thanks :)


I am doing the main campaign again trying to find all the secrets. I have some questions about some of them.

- In the secret of the fridge, inside of it the player can find an object doing the plataforming (Not the wooden cube that you said to me that was useless).  Has that object any use?

- In the secret where we can find a boss, Has some reward killing it?

- I found some door in the area of the beginning but I can not interact with them. One is above the trap with the big guy and the other one is where the doctor talks to the player to release the monsters.

Also, I have found that if the player press R to reload and open the inventory, the player reload even with the inventory open.

Thanks :)

Okay, thanks very much. I am playing the Dlc, for the time being I am really enjoying it. If I want to ask you something, I use this plataform?

I do not want to do spoiler o reveal something interesting but there are some things that I do not know what to do 

Perfect, thanks so much. I having a really good time playing your game. I am trying to find all the secrets.......they are so hard to find xD

Okay. I mean some objects that do not appear in the inventory, I suppose that are secrets or something. I do not want to do spoilers, this is why I do not say what objects are. Maybe is something related with and ending?

Thanks so much. I saw it

Also, I would like to ask you something. I have found some strange objects during my gameplay but I do not know what to do with them. Could you give me any clue or could you tell me if they have any usage.

Dismantled community · Created a new topic Files


I have been searching for the 3 file in the DLC Bittersweet but I did not find it. Could you give me any clue?

Dismantled community · Created a new topic Achievements

I saw in the achievements of dismantled that is call witch hunter. I am trying to find the secrets that I still lack but I do not have any idea what that achievement is about. Could you give me any clue?

Also, Is there any plan for dismantled in the future? I really love this game :)

Okay, I will write to you on instagram.

Thanks so much

Hello Puppet Combo

I have searched the answer of the email in all the options of gmail but I did not find it. I think that I can not received your emails. I would like to ask you two questions and I think that the only option is with theese comments in If you think that it exists another better option, please say it to me if not I would ask you my questions in this comment.


Okay i will try that

Thanks so much 

I have download the game but when i am goint to open the file it says that it can´t be opened. I would like to know if there is any solution.

okay i will send you the email again.

About the game babysitter bloodbath, I have a Windows 10 and the game does not work 

Is there any solution? 

I have just bought the game with a lot of enthusiasm but when i click on new game the game closes. I have already sent an email asking for something else to the email ben[at] but nobody answer back so i am writing here for someone to answer me. 

It would be wonderful if I could get any solution to this issue. Also please, answer back the email that i have sent to you Puppet Combo