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(V2.0) The game feels way better. The improvements over the character are notorious and welcomed. Liked the accessibility features; even though I don't need them, I like being able to change colors. And the puzzles were fun and simple.

I like the idea of the hub level, but I don't like how you select the levels, maybe making it pull all the character and not just the magnet would be better. 

And just as something extra, I think you should re-add the puzzles from the first version, or at least some, would be interesting to play them again with the improved stuff (and also interesting for you to remake them with the proper tooling as a learning experience).

Overall, an improvement over the game and it's fun, even though it still have rough edges (which are understandable). Honestly wish there were more levels, this version felt short (not a complain, just wanting to play more). Congrats on your game!

gran final 11/10

Muy divertido el juego y está muy bonito el arte y la música uwu