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Thanks loads~!! Much appreciated!

Our tech also shared this 
Which was originally where he learned it from. Hope it helps.

Hello,.. here it is

let me ask our tech, perhaps you could leave me your email?

I think we missed it and might have left a hole.
Thanks for finding it, we'll try filling that in for a future build. XD

tbh the team managed to get it down to 5 citizens remaining but haven't actually cleared the map XD.... you may be the first~! 

The voice actually came from all members of the team,... :D

The policemen's 'Oi!' and the 'Urrrggghhh' of the citizens being murdered...

Thanks~!! Still rough around the edges but hopefully we'll tidy it up after the Jam. XD

Much appreciated~! Will probably build upon it in a future incarnation! Thanks again for stopping by!

Much appreciated~! Was a micro challenge to squeeze a game, and multiplayer features in a single sheet. Was a fun challenge.
But thanks!

Was literally lost for a moment there...  resisted the urge to murder. XD

Congratulations on the good news peeps~!

Thank you so much! Hope you enjoyed it.. XD


Hope the final release is soon~~ !

Hi~! You just need to get any of the three amounts to defeat the enemy to proceed.
(eg. To defeat the Beefataur, either a 6 , 7 or 8 is enough to kill it)
It corresponds to the probability of each number based on the dice allocated to simulate difficulty.

Much appreciated! Hope to make more content in the future.