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Hello there! Just for information, the sprite sheet doesn't have the idle animation.

Awesome tileset.

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Hi, it's me again, could you make a connected tileset? So I can configure autotile on my engine? Could you also make the tileset the same size 32x32 only, because there is a 24x24 and when I use the same grid they don't stick together?

Bought it just because I downloaded your other free assets and thought that it's just fair haha.

What engine have you used?

I Really liked it, I wanted to test it but I am using godot, could you export  using DAE, GLTF or OBJ or even if it's was made with blender the source file?


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You can actually use SpriteSheet, But you need an AnimationPlayer in Godot, you can use symmetric SpriteSheet and use the Animation (area) or Slice it with Region (area) and move the frames with an AnimationPlayer.

So I will support $ you and use it =)!

Loved your pixel art, Can I put it in my game?

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Thank you very much, I will enjoy it! You've made an awesome work.

To show you my interest, I have bought it already ;)

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Nice, I’ve been looking for that for a while. I will purchase this asset pack, but I will be waiting the zombie attack :) .

Do you have zombie attack animation? And what is the license?