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Loved the atmosphere and tension you built in just the prototype. I would love to see what you do in the future. I would love to see a inspect weapon mechanic to see how much bullet you have in the mag. So it keeps that immersion still. 

SCARIEST Game I've Ever Played

Was a lot of fun playing Late Night Mob. Lixian did an incredible job. I can't wait for the full game!.

Really enjoyed getting back into horror games again! The game done a really good job  with the suspense and horror. 

Only thing that made me laugh was the flop! 

Had a blast playing the game. Would say for some feedback, if you could lower the sound effects and add some NPC's would be awesome. 

This New SCP-173 is Terrifying 

Ohhh thank you, yeah I enjoyed the slurrrrpppsss. 

I enjoyed this game a lot, had me on the edge of my seat. I can't wait for the full release of the game, to play the other two episodes. Thank you for making this game. 

This is the best siren head game I have played so far. I'm really looking forward to the whole game when it comes out :D 

It was really awesome, I love games that make you question it. I will check them out thank you :D 

We are finally making our way to the heavy containment zone. Are we going to make it there ? 

I loved this game hahaha 

I forgot how scary the plague doctor is!!! send help

I love this game, caught me off guard hahahah. This game was included in 2 weird games. 

This game reminded me of Plug and Play and Kids. Had a laugh playing this game. Made a little video of it, with one other game.

We are finally returning after many years. To the original SCP - Containment breach. I have missed this so much, also forgot how terrifying it is 


Take all the time you need. Education comes first and is so important. What you currently studying. Anytime thank you for making a good game.

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This was a really good game, played both Part 1 and Part 2. This game got me a few times with the jumpscares. Looking forward to seeing more. I played this in 2 random horror games 

This looked so beautiful, would love to see a full game of this in this engine. Any plans to ? 

ASMR Horror is not a good idea, especially when your playing this game. I really enjoyed the game and looking forward to seeing more. 


I really loved Chapter 2 of this game, was right on the edge of my seat. I cannot wait for chapter 3.

Had a blast  encountering with siren head for the first time. Would love to see a whole game . I think Siren Head is such  a cool design

Here is my play-through of Black Rose :D 

Hope you enhoy 

This was such a fun game to play. This should be an official title it's that good. This was one of the games that I played during the Albsterz Indie Hour. The soundtrack was awesome got the blood going

This game was awesome, I cannot wait until the full game being released. I love this game!! Found this game whilst looking for games in the Indie Hour. 

Ohh lovely, will give you a follow on twitter. To keep up to date. Anytime looking forward to playing more 

I loved this game and what you had to show of it. The game was scary and cannot wait to see what you do next with the game. Would love to keep updated on the game progress :D 

Got propa into this game, the graphics were so real. Hence the game title. I liked how it progressed, with the basement section. Would like it to be a little more clearer on what to do. Might just be not knowing. Maybe something on the HUD to tell you to find or locate something. Other than that I loved the game and can't wait for the next chapter. Any release window on the next chapter. Here is my reaction of your game, during the Indie Hour.

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I absolutely loved this game, would love to see more. With the nearing the end of the game would like to have the enemy grab me from behind. or start to slowly go to black, then hit with a jumpscare. This is my reaction to your awesome game. This was about of the three games I played during indie hour. 

I don't know what i exactly played. But as the same time i loved it. Was so confused in what was going on. Wanted me to play more. 

This game was really chill. Was one of the 3 games I played. Looking forward to playind episode 2 

What a beautiful game. The fact you manage to make this game. Whilst making rage 2 is unreal :D . Really looking forward to your future projects. 


Thats's good to hear. No worries, I really enjoyed playing your game. Looking forward to what you do next 

Really loved playing Sophie, really cool concept. Not played many horror games based in a school. Thank you for making the game 

I played something in the shadows as one of the three games in Albsterz Indie Hour. I really did enjoy playing your game. Looking forward to what you do next