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A member registered Nov 24, 2017

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This game was awesome, and really reminded me of Resident Evil 2. The animations and gun play was really nice. The only thing was it the torch when on your side and not having your gun selected made it really how to navigate around 

This game shitted me up so much. And the fact that I HATE mannequins. Really enjoyable game. Looking forward to see what you do with it 

Hope you all enjoy part 3 of Doki Doki. I'm really enjoying it at the moment 

This is awesome that you made a Simpsons Horror Game. This actually shit me up so much. Especially when Maggie comes out of nowhere. The only thing I would like to know if there is any way to dodge the characters

This is part 2 of the series 

Hey Everyone, I have been told by many of my mates and people to play Doki Doki. As it's such a really good game. So this is first 40 mins of the game that I played. But I would love to get to know any back story of any of the characters. Also any tips or advice you have for Doki Doki. 

Thank you to anyone that leaves a comment, appreciate your time  

I need so much help, this game is so hard to complete. Can I even complete it ? 

I was so disturb whilst playing this game, but it was kinda fun in a way. Really looking forward to what you do next 

I always love games like this. Awesome game :D 

This game was awesome to play. A very well made game for being produced in 7 days. 

Im getting closer to completing this game,but I need some help on what items to grab. And what route to take

This game was so tense, I was on the edge of my seat. Would like to see what they you do next 

I found this game so funny, was a fun little game :D 

na you didnt. Thank you 

No worries, I want to go back in and play it again to get the other ending 

I dont know how I did it on my first playthrough I managed to get the secret ending, without even knowing how to do it. This game was really awesome.  Good game 

I loved the concept for this game, the last part I was really stupid in being able to complete it. Awesome game 

Are you going to do a chapter 2 ? 

This game was really good. Would say to make it harder if you add additional nights to the game. As this was too easy to do. Good job 

Had a lot of fun, playing a sonic game again even if it wasnt a official one. I love the character models please dont change them. Its make the game better. Will you be doing another level ? 

This game was awesome, I really want to go back into the game and explore the secrets of this game. From the first minute of the game I was shitting myself and wondering what was going to happen next. A really good game :D 

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This was a really weird game but I knew that before going into it. For some reason I want to go back and play more of it to learn the secrets. If anyone has any tips on the game please let me know :D  

YES I have achieved my life goal of being the first to hide body part behind the TV. No worries thank you for making a funny and enjoyable game. Looking forward to what you make in the future 

This game was mega bad ass, felt so good to being killing people like that. Feeling like John Wick. 

This game was a lot of fun, looking forward to more episodes in the future. I managed to complete all 4 days with the help of my good old friend TV.

This was a really funny game, and the dates expressions were priceless. I would love to see multiple fingers so you have to control all the fingers. To make it more difficult  

This game has massive potential, I would love to see the mannequins move when you dont look at them. Like in Doctor Who with the weeping angel. Then some of the mannequins would appear randomly, but you know from the sound. Really looking forward to what you do next  

This was beautiful and relaxing to play, really looking forward to see what they do with the game. Lovely work with the demo