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i am!

is anyone alive? and if so, wanna rp? you choose the fandom!

Mew mew: *notices the sad look on your face* hey, umm, did i do something wrong...? you seem... REALLY sad... i can carry her... if ya want -you can tell that she was a caring person before snapping and, well, you know the rest-

Meg: *to Jeff* like what? having my skeleton bloody visible? i mean, i wouldn't trust anyone with their skeleton visible as well, soo, you got a point there, if that's the case. -she doesn't even feel creeped out when she is talking to them... it's like she sees them as her people...-


okeh, is steven universe good for you?

hello! how are you?

Morganite gem: *small glowing*

Marguerin: *she's still passed out*

Marguerin: *it doesn't work...*

sorry had to go for dinner

Marguerin: -she looks more like a corrupted gem now...-

Maguerin: *her face is the only part of her body that is normal*

Marguerin: *more crystals grow on her, almost covering her entire body*

Marguerin: *passes out*

Marguerin: -covering her mouth and nose while looks at her/him/it/them/other pronoun, terrified- *white crystals start growing on her...*

anyone wanna rp?

are you there?

anyway, let's start the steven universe rp!

that twerking was fabulous

T   W   E   R   K

stay put

Meg: there it goes...

Mew mew: ofcourse i will help you two! i had known gaster for five years now!

Marguerin: Morganite, i swear to god-

Morganite: *turns back to normal* what?

Marguerin: ... n-nothing...

Marguerin: w-who IS that- *starts coughing a black liquid*

(1 edit)

Marguerin: *shows Morganite' s gem with shaking hands and then point outside the window*

btw gotta go!

Marguerin: nonononononono *she runs for the stairs*

you can put someone here if ya want!

Marguerin: *shuts the door, and continues crying*

Marguerin: ... *she couldn't hold herself and started crying*

Morganite: *poofs*

Marguerin: ... *she covers her mouth, terrified while crying silently*

Morganite: hmm? who are you, dear? *she comes closer to the thing*

Morganite: huh? what the blazes is happening?

Marguerin: oh, i think it's going to rain! lets go inside!

Morganite: oh, you are right dear!

Morganite: *humming and walking around the beach*

i'm not good at describing but ill try my best! marguerin looks like steven, but with round pigtails. she has a purple shirt with a pink heart and wears a grey hoodie.

and morganite has giant #ff875c toned poofy pigtails and hair. her skin is #d47e5f colored and her eyes are a darker tone of tangerine. She has big lips and Morganite gems all over her body.

ok then, let's start the rp! 

wut? try to search it on google

okeh ill rp as these two!



sure! who are you gonna rp as?

would you like to start the rp?

ok here is mine!

file:///C:/Users/Damla%20Yaz%C4%B1c%C4%B1/Desktop/mgm%20screenshots/easter%20eggs!!/marguerin%20universe.PNG (search this up on google to see how she looks like)

name: Marguerin

gem: morganite

weapon: mace

personality: cute, kind, apologetic

hello! who are you gonna use?