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Emily is Away is a cleverly written game about relationships between people and how they change through life, in this case to an unpleasant end.

The writing was good and it felt like it was real, Emily seemed like a real teenage girl. And the friendship she has with you (the player) is genuine. Her relationships with the other characters and ups and downs make you want to be there for her and protect her.

The art style of being in chat the whole time was very clever and I would like to see other games like this, that being said it does cause you to have less control over the situation as you cannot choose your actions for the time spent off camera in person.

I would have liked to seen more characters, perhaps talk to others through the story and multiple endings. But as it was it was not disappointing.

I heard that there is possibly a sequel to Emily is Away coming out soon, I look forward to seeing if this game writer has a new more complex story.

All in all I would suggest this game as a quick but deeply thought provoking game about friendships.

This is an interesting game about the boxing up of your emotions and intrusive thoughts.

I enjoyed the simple green and black style though the flickering lights can get to you after a while. The background sound really draws you into the feeling of the character of this game, the pain and despair.

While I enjoyed the game it would have be really enjoyable if after opening all the boxes maybe there had been an ending, such as you let out all the emotional baggage and go on, or choose to keep it all and not move on. More of a story going on through the boxes would have been nice to.

All in all an interesting game

I'm Still Here

I was hoping for a bit more than the game delivered, perhaps several stories or tasks. It was very short and I could see it definitely being the demo for a much longer and more detailed game.

It was good in the concept though, it's a very used idea, moving into a haunted house, but that they made peace with the ghost was a touch I hadn't expected. I think there should have been several deaths by different ways –murder and natural causes- to add to the story and give the player more than 7 to 10 min of game play.

Again game was not the best, but could be improved and I encourage the developer to make this a demo and expound on the game if they had the time.

This game already plays on my fears, Human interaction and phones, so I headed into the game already expecting something scary,

at first I thought this would be I found Sara's phone and needed to negotiate with a kidnapper, which was true to a point... but we wont go into that yet.

Sara is in college studying parasience and paranormal activity as it fits into modern day life, which is actually pretty fascinating! but as she delves deeper she is gotten into danger.

this game was awesome, I got the bad ending as in, I killed Sara because I was unclear if the name I choose was the one to live or die, however this game is to have multiple endings so I will be playing the other endings as well,

no real complaints to the game, it was awesome, I would have liked to see more depth into the character and her studies. maybe even more scares, although I cant really give a full opinion until I play all the endings, so I will play these endings and then write a more complete review,

8/10 thus far though