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I confirm that now is ok , thank again

Thank you ! ( but still weird other people seem had completed the game so, if is a bug it not happen everytime but is triggered by something  i did )

Hi, thank you for the answer...! no no, is immediately after make the poision, Briley speak to rasequin and then go inside clarissa home,  here is possible cure the child.. but then is impossible go out from the home. Clarissa said "go to bed"  but is impossible also go to bed... Look really like a bug because is nosesnse said "go to bed"  during the day and with the village  full of dead bodies

Hi, sorry if i write to you but reading that you complete the game make me asking for an help ...  ! I'm stuck inside the home immediately after making the " Cure poison "   potion. I need to understand if this is a bug that happen only to me ... or i not understand something (to have more details read my unanswered post in this same page..) thank you...

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Let me know if you pass that point , make the potion, and then stuck again inside the home same as what happen to me...

you should speak with Branew and she will unlock a new part of the map.. where you can find the missing element ( the others are at the town market)

After done that thing you go any further ? I have a problem immediately after making the potion  you had found in the grimoire... Tried everything but stuck forever in the home.

the cu.poion spell appear automatically in the grimoire after looking around for the village.

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Hi... After making the cu.poison  i got stuck inside Clarissa home.. no way to get out...  any one got the same problem ?  Well I edit and try to add details : after mixed the "poison cure" Sebastian go on his way and Briley can move freely around the town but can't do anything,, near to the door of Clarissa's home is triggered an Event with Rasequin then Briley is forced to go inside, the door suddenly closes and then is impossible go out, Clarissa weirdly said "go bed we speak tomorrow" and interacting with the bed the grimoire appear. It is possible heal the daoughter but then nothing change...   look some kind of bug but reading other post i see some player already beat the game, so, weird...

HI, I just got the plus4 version of the game... and...  I not know how to save! The instruction manual explain how to quit, how to load etc... but  I not found any information about the save.. someone can help me ? - Thank You!

It work!, thank you

Hem... I have a problem, I must put the Mystical Box at the center of the star circle... but  can't place it. I tried initially in the center and then I test  every single spot of the room ... Someone here know if  I miss something ? Thank you :P 

Any canche of see it in a physical release ?