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A member registered Dec 29, 2022

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very fun, cute game. loved it.

Really enjoyed it. Loved the unfiction easter eggs.

Very good!!! Excited to see what comes next.

fun game, nice graphics!

I'm so bad at platforming, lol.

That scare is too much, lol.

very creepy, very nice.

Just stay on the couch, LOL.

Very well done.

Short and sweet.

My heart's still racing! Sidenote: Anyone else get a copyright claim for the end credits song?

Really enjoyed it, hope its gets fleshed out someday!

Fun game, awesome soundtrack!

The betrayal... I cooked for you!

Just leave abandoned phones alone!!!

Exciting game, can't wait for the next installments.

I love the cute little spooker!

Just give me the recipe!!!

really enjoyable!

I'm sad I never got my pizza.

lovely game.

Silly Microwave.

Fun, couldn't really see anything lol.

Bonkers game, loved it.

Cant wait for more.

Just as bizarre as the first one, lol.

Had some creepy moments.

bizarre little gem.

This was crazy tense, good job.

Im so bad at mazes.

Strange and oddly want more! Give it a try.

Sets the creepy atmosphere real quick.

This one had some good, creepy vibes. 

Pretty fun. Cant wait for 2.

Funny off-the-wall game, really enjoyed it.

Very good short horror game. The scares got me too good.