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What a good goat boy! I hope we get married :)


I love the new cover, and even if it's just the online edition... in a file!, it's always so nice to have epubs and pdfs of the things I adore. Even though I also have the physical edition available lol. It's still great!

I'm sorry to hear that you've stalled out, but taking care of yourself and your mental health should always come first! the project will always be there if you ever want to come back to it, and the people who love SSP won't ever stop loving SSP!

don't be too hard on yourself, and i look forward to whatever you do next. <3

ooooh, book!!!

Good luck with the self-publishing! And good luck with the ice puzzles!! [waves pompoms for you]

i cannot WAIT to talk to every snowman, dust all the dishes, and... make sure every statue has her name probably?

even if you take another year i am sure it'll be great and worth the wait!!!!!

This is so exciting! I've loved SSP for years, and the definitive edition approaching 50% is sooo exciting! <3 Best of luck and energy to you!!!

This is probably kind of weird praise, but: the sheer level of dread I felt after One interaction with John was *incredible* and the way my heart just absolutely stopped on the second day when that terrifying little (1) popped up beside his all-judging eye nearly made me close out of the game right there. While I didn't have the same struggles as Alex does, I can deeply relate to the pressure of unmeetable expectations that feel deeply, crushingly impossible for internal reasons, and it hit me hard in a lot of ways.

But also this game is so fucking funny I laughed so hard and loved all of Alex's friends so much. <3

That was really cool to read... I can definitely see how the inspirations shaped this game into the unique shape it took at the end! And I'm glad they did, because things like the playful little events happening in the hive and outside events like caterpillars needing jelly for ballet shoes and yellowjackets doing building demos really helped give it such a cute, fun personality beyond the simulation, and kept me playing long past my first hive becoming a thousand-bee-strong lag machine. :D

I had a delightful time with this! It reminds me of playing Sim Ant but in an even more fun, adorable way. <3

THIS WAS THE CUTEST LITTLE THING. I'm in love with oaxa, tbh. you know that meme like "i want to see it grow up healthy, i want to protect it" etc? thats my feelings about oaxa.

its just such a darling little game. im dying. 10/10