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Alan Ostrax (Composer)

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so let's work together if you have a team

Hi everyone If you need A Game Composer Im available for Now(FREE) ...if you like My demos(on website) and you want to Hire me for Future project Contact me On Facebook/Instagram so we can talk in details (PAID)

Hi im A game music composer ,Nothing says Horror better than Music/SFX ... this is obviously Free for this JAM... Im available

-If you need an Exclusive OST  for future projects ...Contact me  (Paid) 

and we'll talk in details

hi , contact me if you want a professional soundtrack if not (good luck finding something that fits)  if you value your work CONTACT ME (DONT WORRY THIS IS FREE)

-If you want Exclusive tracks you can contact me so we talk in details (profile info) (PAID)

Cryptid Jam community · Created a new topic SFX/Game Music

If you need me  im here , check my website for demos/ ... feel free to contact me on your next project