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Alan Studniak

A member registered Feb 12, 2020

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"God..." I can't believe I found this game while I was thinking about DOOM. To think I didn't download it long time ago! Where the "hell" was I then, in "limbo?" Any way this "bloody" game is super FUN and really addictive!

(However when I playing it and want to go to the start screen it say RESET and I don't know if it's means reseting the whole save file or if it's acsally just goes to the star screen.)

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Ha ha... nice one!

I got this game on my Switch and god I love it! It brings a skeleton (my favourite thing/ character) to life and doing epic platforming skills, collecting new powers and taking "Use your head" to it's literally sense! GOD I LOVE IT!

I got the update, I went to the temple and try out the reset button on my controller... I feeling satisfied. Thank you. :-)

By the way, no lies but I have Eliot Quest on my SWITCH and is the second hardest games I got in my SWITCH (the first hardest is Hollow Knight) I don't know who you are but GOD you're so talented and please keep up the good work.

P.S. I want to support you but I'm from UK so... do you accept pounds? (£)

THANK GOD! THE UPDATE IS EPIC! Finally an save option you can come back to play in other day and play it agian and agian (but the Sun-Eye won't care how many times you play it... he will be more dissapointed of you wasting time re-play same thing other and other agian but who cares about him) the controller update god... is too good! Luis Zuno... you're too good to be TRUE!

Gosh, hate to ask but because you did so much work but... could you do reset button for the controller, pretty please.

Thank you good sir! :-)

P.S. I got a problem... I can't find the last medale in the game, I not sure if it's because I bought the boots first than the bombs or I am just blind! Please help... :-(

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This game is amazing! I have a terrible soft spot for (NES) pixle games and 'Legend of Zelda' type game-play! However, I would like a controller updated please... the game can be played with a controller like my example is my 8BITDO GAMEPAD - Recommend buying it ;-)

works with the game, I can walk with the d-pad use 'Y' to interact with things but switching items I still have to use the computer; it would be nice to have a option menu to customise the controller, but that it. I recommend download this game if you like puzzle games! (I just realised that I'm recommended a game that people probably already downloaded and played it... I'm a huge dummy)