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Alaa Hatata

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Thanks for you feedback :D
yea I found some bugs and I'm going to fix them as soon as the voting ends. 

really appreciate your feedback :D
regarding the number of cubes used to build there supposed to be on screen, at the start you don't have cubes to build when yyou destroy your self you get some so you must use them wisely on building. you only have 2 level to decrease your size.

I will check the bugs, I found some after submission too xD

just woooow, fantastic :D

the game is very cool, I liked it.

well done :D

Thanks :D


I will try working on it, thanks :D

looks really  nice, well done :D

Thanks :D

The idea is very simple but really great
Well done :D

wow, it looks very nice :D 
In love with the animations xD

I felt many things during the game, being disabled while I couldn't help the chained person, feeling unsafe in the second trial and being sad when another one got chained.
Sound tracks just perfect.

great job (Y)