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i dont understand what the pooop package is or where to find it in my game. Does that package require a sims 4 pack that i may not have?


i am just going to say this but I am a girl. I do apologize is this sounded rude.

clarinet is spelt wrong. just saying.

i really like this game and i can't wait for the full release. 8bitgaming and markiplier have played this which has sent me here

how do i defend myself?

wait a minute!!! Mairusu played this? NICE!


who else came here because of Markiplier? i know i did. 

oh ok. thank you so much and i really love your games, they are awesome!

i was sent here from watching markiplier play this and i intend to enjoy this game

i beat the game but when i went back to the menu after beating it, i didn't see hard mode added 

mark's 3 rage games sent me here

i came here because of markiplier

i here because of jacksepticeye but i think this game looks very spoopy as intended

thank you so much

it's a challenge but i love this game because as a child i used to watch courage the cowardly dog all the time so this brings back some childhood nostalgia for me plus i have seen markiplier play it so i am here because of that too

i am moving very slow, is there anyway to fix that?

anyone else seen that scott cawthon interview yesterday?

i'm here because of markiplier

thank you so much :D

it would be better if there was an option to use the keyboard for this game but this is hilarious and i am glad this game is now in my life

same here

i saw jacksepticeye play this and i thought that this game looks freaking amazing