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Are you serious? Disagreeing with the content of a game is one thing, but acting morally superior to everyone who has worked so hard on it and all those who enjoy it  is really low! Especially when your points are so misguided. Don't give me this 'wrong side of history' jargon; I'm sick of seeing reviews like this which completely ignore the game itself to give extremely biased hatred based on mere personal preference. So screw it, even if this is a troll there are plenty of people who share these opinions, so I'm speaking out. First of all, it's not just straight cis women who play these games, far from it. People from all over the spectrum, including, yes, gay men, enjoy BL, especially this new era of BL aimed at a Western audience. It may not always be perfect representation, but should we deny all these marginalized groups something which at least some of them enjoy? Because it's a heck of a lot harder to find content which is agreeable and relatable to us in mainstream culture. And speaking of representation, who said it always has to be cute and fluffy and positive anyways? As countless other people would swiftly point out, showing one facet of a group isn't representation! At most at that point you're writing your own stereotypes. Yes, of course we need positive representation! But we also need negative representation! And morally ambiguous representation as well! Why should gay men get less than straight men and women get? And geeze, have you even seen gay p0rn made by gay men for gay men? It's full of crazy stuff much worse than this game has to offer. Not that there's a problem with that. So what if people enjoy darker content? It's a fantasy, they're not saying that real relationships should be like this... do people who watch True Crime shows go out on murder sprees? And BL actually provides a much more manageable space for people who enjoy gay content for something other than hardcore sex than a lot of the aforementioned gay p0rn . And so what if the majority of those people are women? There is plenty of research showing that indulging in BL has long been a subversive act for women which allows them to escape the burdens of patriarchal society and explore their own sexual identity in a space that isn't completely dominated by the male gaze. So maybe it's more important to them than just 'flicking their beans.' While it's not at all bad to ask for some responsibility of these women, condemnation is a one sided conversation and yields little in the way of progress. As for the actions of the characters within a story, they aren't doing that to push some kind of agenda...they act that way because they're characters! Did you not realize you were playing a game about a slave forced to be in a harem before you downloaded it? How the heck do you go into that expecting anything less than dubcon? As the publisher much more kindly put it, that's on you as a player. How would you expect someone like the sultan in this game to react to being rejected to by their slave? (Even tho I played the whole thing and have no idea which scene you are talking about since both times you deny him he's super chill about it). Besides, this is just a demo, so who knows where the root ends up by the end. Before you wanna start spouting nonsense about being "on the wrong side of history," why not instead research some history yourself and look into the impact BL genre has had on creating an understanding between straight women and gay men for several decades, in both Asia and the West? And on both sides we are seeing much more variety and maturity of content because of it. So if you don't like dark themes, I'm sure there is some other game out there for you. But why come here and neg on everyone who enjoys it? If you seriously have a problem with representation, instead of attacking fringe games made by indie developers who are actually doing a ton more for representation with their works (often at low or free to play cost meaning more people can enjoy them!), why don't you raise your voice against mainstream hegemonies lacking PoC and gender and sexual minorities? Cause I can guarantee Hollywood and AAA games are doing much worse in terms of representation than something made by a ragtag group of millennials online. But doing so in a calm and educated manner will get your point across a lot more effectively, so if you really do care about these issues try and do some actual academic research about them beforehand. And try and be less abrasive when bring them up.