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Akumajou The 3rd

A member registered Nov 29, 2022

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we can download it like newsground

Please make this like counter 1.6 & half life 1, battlefiled 1947.

Wow this is the best games on

Can you add more weapons?

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is there a program supports for UNITY?

Because it doest work on my PC am using Windows 10 64

It doesn't run on windows 10 I even try to change it to windows 7/8 but it doesn't work...

Can you make an 32 bit game?

Because this game doesn't support my pc

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Good for game my engine tnx

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pepdada it depends on your device 

Just download it again you already paid the game so download it again

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Is this on steam?

Is it release?

Can you make a horror game next?

Your welcome...

Nice meme 😂🤣🤣

i gotta try this game

Very funny haha good game

Make it awesome!

Part 2 please

64 Bit? Or 32

Make it playable please 32 & 64 Bit.

can you make a. Supported 32. Bit game Sir?

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Can I make a game of this software?

Because my Graphic card doesn't support it anymore

Am using a Nvidia GeForce

But it doesn't work...

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Bro can you remove the DirectX 11 to be able to play the game?

Is this an 32 bit game? Or 64 bit?

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This needs game, improvement...

Because when I get killed by that monster. The game crashed, can you fix it?

Have a good time

the progonist I mean...

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Step 1: first download it & for the step 2nd, download it,that's it & no currupted file...

You supposed to download it 2 times

Rambotan Rocks!

Cause I want to make games with this engine

What engine did you use? & What program?

Barney Caulhoun!

Man this game is good jumpscare got me too bad... great game 👍 needs more improvement

Yeah Man me too hoomie

needs update