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Had a amazing time with the game, love every part of it here is the first part of the game we played. Amazing job on this game, I personally loved that piano piece.


our other parts of the video

Great game, started recording a video a 15min video ended up recording for an hour and a half.

Great game, super trippy and the maze for fun to play have to micromanage the spider.

We had fun with this, not completely sure if were was a better ending but we tried.


Loved this game, this was the ONLY game ever that made my friend jump lol. We had to make this a two parter but here's the first part.

Had a great time playing this game, loved the theme and message.

Had a blasted with the demo, can't wait for more.

Oh..... and now I'm sad..... I just read the comments below about the shut down.... I hope everything turns out well, best wishes.

This is game is amazing! Just the flying alone feels is exciting but yet relaxing, I love the flying. It was hard to get into word on how fun it was to play. Can not wait for more.

I had fun playing the demo. We were extremely tired when recording but it wasn't .

First time playing "Where the Goats are" extremely chill game and we had a blast with it.

Cute game it was really fun!

Great game with a super sad theme. I got a real good kick while watching my friend play it check out our video.

Not bad...

- I was completely lost while trying this game. I understand the premiums that your a child lost in a supermarket but beyond running from light I wasn't sure what I was trying to find while play this.

Had a blast check out the video of me and 2 friends playing it on our channel. We played for a good 4 hours after the video trying to see if there was a secret ending.

My friends and I playing

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Hey, great game my friends and I had alot of fun playing it. I love the style it's extremely cute. The jumping could have been a little better, the animation for the jump showed the character jumping forward (with his back and feet being arched backwards) but to only jump straight up made the jump feel a little off. Something else that could help the jump is a shadow under the character too show where then will land.

I'll be posting a video on my friend playing it on Wednesday, I'll be sure to post it here when it's upload. Thank you for the great game.