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Steam won't be happening since HS vn's aren't allowed in steam, unless HS dev have changed their mind.

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Late reply, but no this won't be in steam since the author of HS won't allow vn's made with their engine there.

My guess is some time during august. Looking at the dev blog it's about 3 months between every chapter.

0.3 public should be out today.

One thing I've always disliked in vn's is those Game Over choices that just plops the text in screen and then opt to reload. I'd very much like to see the consequences of those choices, like in N&T as an example the school bandit attack, if MC dies there could be couple alternative scenarios based on girls stats (nerve). If it's good enough girls kill the boss and then try to survive without MC but ultimately make mistake and get infected. If nerve isn't good enough girls get captured, used as toys for bandits and then murdered.

Either way this is best vn I've played when it comes to storytelling.

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The fact you don't give player an option to refuse sex scenes is a big minus, I would have rather decline Marion. Few times both Marion and MC refers Susan as landlady instead of mother, which isn't bid deal, just need proofreading I guess. Also I really doubt that Kylie would open up to MC about her issues first day they meet, prob would have better to let her open up bit by bit over time while getting closer.

All in all not a bad experience, could be better but could have been a lot worse too so keep on rolling =).

Also it was bit confusing with chapter labels, this has 3 chapters since the prologue is labeled as chapter 1.

Story is not even close to complete. NiiChan is devving 2 games, this one and My Bully My Lover, and I don't know which order he's releasing updates to these two, but both are being updated for sure.

It's included in 0.4

I read somewhere that the dev of HS doesn't allow games made with their engine to be sold in steam. Assuming this is made with HS. =)

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is made with HS2

Unless things have changed since I played ch5 you get game over if you refuse to help her. And if I remember right, this is the only time you interact with her before ch6 thus forcing you to go to her place.

Choice 25


 Sorry, can’t do that -> No change 

Um…yeah sure, why not -> Falesha +1 

Ok, ch6 was breaking point for me. That forced fuck with cowtit Falesha was just way too much.

Yea, only 2 chapters atm, and for the reason I think it's better quality. Never played the original but I remember seeing screenie of the car from original and remaster, and it was huge improvement in quality.

Will chap 24 be the end of the story, like originally planned? Or will there be chap 25 or some sort of aftermath episode after the main story? I personally would like to see aftermath of how the group managed after settling down. Chap 23 was excellent, keep up the high quality =)

If only you had looked comments you would have noticed that NiiChan is having a break for december and will be back at Jan with ch3.

There is very good WT at f95, though you need to register there to be able to download it.

Haven't tried, but I don't see why not. I believe you can actually do no sex at all run if you wish

I think 3.5 is out today (30.7.) for higher tier patreons, no idea when public release is.

Seeing as ep4 came out like 2 weeks ago, I'd say ep5 will be out in 2-3 months.

Great update! I hope to see lot more Gwen in future too, she's perfect =). Also I hope you plan to keep number of LI's at reasonable level, there's already quite a  few candidates.

Be nice and forgiving to Steph, and in chapter 4 when you go to meet her you get the option.


The guy "stalking" MC is actually from Homeland protecting him. If you don't bring Steph to Lexi's place, she's there instead of the creepy guy.

Don't think there will be any updates here. Complete book1 containing chapters 1-7 can be found on steam, and chapter 8 is available at patreon.

Yes there is, although those aren't main focus of this vn. I strongly recommend to give this one a try, it's one of the best ones I've played.

Excellent update! Keep getting better with every episode.

0.35 public release should be July 15

Chill out man. I do exactly what you said, I dl these public versions from or patreon, and if the game is interesting, then  I buy it when it's completed.

Agreed. MC is just fucking moronic blabbering horny manchild.

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Yea, but newer versions are patreon exclusive. Or pirated from some shady shit sites.

Get the walkthrough, it will give all the info you need to stay on the paths.

No, only M+F, and couple M+FF scenes.

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Best VN I've played storywise. Just perfect. Also nice job with the music. Sounds weren't that great, but can live without them.

One oddity I noticed on my second run was that even if I didn't have sex with Naomi at the gym, she says to Carol that Sydney saw MC and her doing it there when she talks to Carol that Sydney knows about them.

Also, some grammar stuff seem to be wrong. Like there's lot of "Haven't not got" style of texts, which should be either "Haven't got" or "Have not got". Though English isn't my first language so I might be wrong about those. Either way, great job =).

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Thanks for clearing things out =) Haven't got anyone pregnant though, even stuffing everyone with cream, but that's not a big deal. Mostly to see if things go differently if one or two gets preg.

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I'm not sure if I'm missing something since I had couple errors at the early stages, which went away after I turned off portraits. Playing 0.8 taboo edition

Anyway, I played through twice, first without guide then with the guide, and still ended in relations with only Celene and Aven, is this intentional? Seems bit odd since harem was mentioned in fetishes.

Also how do you turn on/off those optional fetishes? I didn't see anything in prefs or help.

You could have also explored the hospital to get the clues =)

At first I wasn't too excited as I thought the style wasn't for me, and this actually would be once in a lifetime thing for me. Now I'm on my 3rd playthrough, and I love it.

Just saw this mentioned in LoF discord the other day, and decided to give it a try. How glad I am that I did, this is absolute masterpiece!

Did you copy contents of the 0.5.1 folder to folder? And replaced when asked?

This may well be the best VN I've played, same level as CoBD. Animations weren't that great, but I don't care about them anyway. Some pretty heavy stuff too, never expected to get wet eyes, and feeling of anxiety. Also great humor for good laughs, and music just fits perfectly.