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I've never played a game that hit me this hard, it's actually so intense. Some points of clarification I had are for the cups challenges and the last folly.

For cups challenges, do we still have to choose folly/true magic/wisdom, or is it a more roleplay type challenge since the challenges dictate a unique success condition? I played it such that true magic or wisdom need not be used for these challenges but we also did not carry out follies and take wisdom.

For the final folly which states you can take 2 wisdom cards, is that on top of the wisdom card you take for performing a folly? So you end up taking 3 wisdom cards total? I played it as taking 3 total to offset us not taking any cards during cups challenges.

Regardless, this game is absolutely phenomenal, the world we created and the story that unfolded was absolutely perfect and we love it so much. Thanks for making this :))