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Could you possibly link a download to for the Akkail48 showcase (the download wont be made publicly available) Thanks.

I have something of my own to add... this game has some serious ghosting issues when using the same keyboard!

Recommended workarounds:

  • Plug in an extra keyboard
  • Using a gamepad (or two)
  • Use an anti-ghosting keyboard
  • Complain at the developer to add custom key bindings
- Nexust (The lead developer)

This is the earliest public version. It's just the basics. What do you think so far?

Hi! I played the Shootout Inc demo and loved it! My biggest issue was the lag and- in a game all about precise timing and such, it's quite a big issue.

Anyway, I was inspired by my experience of the game because I'd never programmed a slow motion system into a game before and it was something I really wanted to do. I did a quick test of my 'slow motion' system, trying my best to replicate your game as best as possible (I'm not sure I got entirely the right feel- Shootout Inc lagged something chronic on my computer) and, after twenty minutes or so, I had the idea to contact you, share the results of my very quick attempt and see whether or not you'd be interested in working on the game together.

I bring a lot of experience to the table, a composer with a state-of-the-art studio and an opportunity to publish the game across all major platforms. In addition, the final game would be very well optimised and polished with care. Also, since you know the game better than anyone, you could develop new features in Construct and we can translate that over.

Here's my rough test, as mentioned before. Placeholder graphics by Kenney. No more than twenty minutes of work.

I'd love to work on this game with you. There's a lot of potential and I think we could maximise that together.