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This hasn't been determined yet as we are in the alpha stage of the game.
But I run with 8gb of ram, the game only uses 1gb at most, and your system should take between 2 and 2.5, so I'd say 4GB of ram minimum.
The game is quite CPU heavy, you'll need a fairly recent one.
And as far as GPUs are concerned, I'd say anything with 2gb or more of VRAM should do the trick.

I do not believe that is in the works.
I've never personally had issues with finding my death point, take a peak at your map every so often when traveling.

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It will appear on steam, sooner than you think.

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Well, the game isn't meant to run on a potato but yeah, it is far from optimized for now.
There is a lot to do and only one dev to do it, give it time.

The matchmaking server (the one that groups all the server together and gives the game the list of servers available) is probably down.

We have to wait until Dvoid wakes up to fix it. Please be patient.

I'm not quite certain what you mean by that.
Please come ask for help on Discord ( or make a post on our subreddit (

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The game is far from optimized at this point.
Try to run the game on Low from the Unity popup though, it will help greatly by removing grass.

It should get better later on though, come back in a couple of months ;)

Means it's either not connected or there has been some issues linking the two portals together.

Try to re-place it.


Not for now no.

He told me he wants to add controller support in the future though.
So it will happen.

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Free for now with donations but a price will be put on later on the steam release, we don't know, no.

You can also find iron in swamps, look closely ;) 

I think fishing, throwing spears in the water would work well for the theme of the game. No fishing poles though I don't think. 

I'll bring it up to the dev when the time comes <3

The game is far from optimized yet, this is an alpha. 

@SpicyMelon That's actually a good idea to be able to treat wood to make it waterproof so that you don't need an overhang over your bridge for example. 

I'll bring it up to the dev when the time comes, we're fixing more important matter right now. 

You probably did something wrong bud. It does center on the pole, yes you can add more support later on, even though, I'll admit, poles are a bit hard to place the way you want them to. 

The game is in alpha, potential isn't wasted, the game is just very incomplete, come back in a couple of months. 

I don't give advice if I don't know what I'm saying, I know what I'm saying, I've tested it. 

Yeah right now bows are underperforming, slow to shoot, lower damage, lots of stamina usage, less dynamic fighting, it's hard to stay at range and still have stamina, etc..

It will all come together eventually :)

Game balance isn't a main focus for now, the game is in alpha and a lot of more important matters need to be ironed out right now.
Give the man some time, he's alone coding the game, and has better to do than fiddle around with values >FOR NOW<
Also, it is more than possible to build a big-ish building. Start small and expand.

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Oh lol you're right on the website it does.
Not in-game though.
I'll tell the developper as soon as he gets on :)

Edit: Fixed.

Multiplayer is being tweaked and optimized.
It's still very buggy but it's getting better.

Get the itch app, search the game, install it from there.

When you want to update the game, you'll see a "Check for updates" button below the Play button.
It will do all the work for you.

There is a wiki but it's not well furnished yet, join the discord if you need help.

You cannot get rid of stumps for the time being, a tree revamp will be coming in the future to allow you to re-plant and remove them.

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Try using "localhost"

Or if you're on windows:

  • Press the Windows Key + R
  • Type CMD and press enter
  • In the console that appears, type: ipconfig
  • Look at the line where it says IPV4 Address
  • Use that.
  • ??? Profit

PS: Let me know if it worked

The game is FIRE.