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The game does respect the theme, as the theme was the word 'two' and in this game your purpose is staying 2 meters away from everyone.

The "big red button" is just a metaphor for how serotonin affects a person's rational thinking and it has nothing to do with the level.

Glad you enjoyed it!

The movement is solid and the concept is really cool. I really like the glitch effect. 

Everything feels very satisfying, from killing enemies to dashing. Very nice game, keep it up!!

It's actually terrifying.. The screams.. they never stop.. 
Loved it!

The animations are really nice, I really feel like jumping and it's so satisfying! Just one thing, you could make more traps and things that kill the player.

I want more! The movement is incredible and the intro is awesome! Maybe you can add fuel capacity and the ability to refill it at checkpoints. Overall great experience and keep making games! Please!