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Is it me or did the big chonker soul repeat twice? Guessing that's meant to happen?? I'm playing the HalloJam version as the Itch launcher only seems to allow the download of the old file; so that might be the issue. It would be nice to play the new version, but I'll just check in at a later date so see if it's working.

Loved the short little game! The doggo is precious, the amount of dialogue is super fun and now I wish I had even more of this duo! Cuteness overload, can't get enough.

Heads up for other players, make sure you guys download RPGAce if you're unable to play it. It'll be handy to have for other games you might play in the future aswell. Chris' Tutorials has a quick Youtube video if you're having issues installing. Plus don't worry if the controls are different than what the title screen says, I played with the arrow keys, r-shift & spacebar/enter just fine.