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Great first pass, and thanks for the fast turnaround. Overall it looks great, few questions:

Will you be able to reorder the slots? I may want them organized by my own logic, and if I could change what slot they were in this world make it easy.

Will you be able to edit the tool from that menu? That would be nice.


Sounds good, thanks

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New Pixel CNC user, but I've been  a hobbyist (X-carve) for years.   Pixel CNC does just what I need, I do a lot of custom 3d mesh cuttings.

Question about the 'tool library':  Is there any way/plans to expose it better to the user, so as to be able to organize/categorize the bits?  I found an older thread here on it:    But not much else since?

Config -> Tool Library : sort of option, to re-order them, or list them by type/size/etc

Also: Is there a way to 'remove' a tool from the Project tool list once added?  Right now it only seems to have 'Clear Tools list': I don't want to clear them all, just one.