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The environment design is well coordinated and I personally like it! 

I feel really was scared each time when I was found out by the guards. But honestly say, I am not sure the use of the bones do the work or not. Because tight tps perspective makes players tend to run blindly, and almost all cases it works very well than they expected.

So, maybe for the puzzle game, more distant camera does a  good work. I think providing broad eyesight makes players to think carefully about the course of action.

However, I want to say one more time. It's aesthetically good!

Wow, I am so glad to hear that someone played my first game!!!! Honestly say, I felt I should  had done more things. And the playability didn't reach my expectation.  The fact itself have got me down and I don't want to see my page after submitting. But when I saw your comment, my motivation have been reactivated! Yeah, the piano sound might be too low, I may fix the issue. When you get the level 5, you should avoid bunch of trains. 

I very thank you for playing!

Hi, welcome to my devlog !
(Honestly say, I am just writing this to myself for come up with idea and let things step forward)

Although there are only 6 days remaining  for the deadline of this game jam  I should start a new one from scratch. 
I was following some unity tutorial videos to familiarize engine and created some parts of games so far.

This is a simple tower defense game. The art assets come from medieval manuscripts . Not completed.

tower defense

But I need to face real problem from now. Design.  
Initial vague idea is an image. Entering a room (or corridor?) with surrounded by many mirrors. He/she can see oneself by standing in front of the mirrors but each mirror shows different appearance of her.  Some of them show her beautiful fresh, others show evil creature. Shattering the mirror, just touching the mirror, maybe sometimes she can enter into the mirror? Then what? I want to a scene in which she is trying to  gather mirror's fragments to revert her own decision.  The ending will be two binary. Just being vast emptiness or fulfilled something with peace.

I will get to start implementing the room tomorrow regardless of how the idea has developed. If the final outcome become just the  room, I do it. 

If you read this, sorry for my English, I'm a foreigner.