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Akata Ryuuga

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Good! No restart again from here on should be (hopefully, although I still liked the game however).


And I love you too Komi! And Lucy! Ah, my previous and lovely Lucy!!!

Lucy my life so I'll wait for eternity for the next update to out.

So... is this game has a big Mystery genre on it? (just a joke)

I seem not be able to find the gem on the game, as after around 15 mins of gameplay I've yet to found any girls on the game, asoI'm using non vr version.  Searching by yourself is one thing in the game and others but the village just EMPTY, after login to the game and finding my way on the village from the forest (v.44) and I thought "oh maybe there's someone there and NOPE". The rest is not really important so, any ideas?


If there is a guide or walkthrough on the new version of the game, it would be helpful indeed.

Yep sorry about that, I just got insta thought or imaginary that the game would BE the same but quite really far.

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And by the way, I've mailed you my savedata, maybe you could check them?

And i can't find your email, let me check the discord if there are any.

Is what you mean 'Pet Play' is bringing the Heroines outside buck naked? If so, then it is the 'unlocked' option for each Heroines when you talk to them and select Take off your clothes or something. Before you got to Lvl 4 on each girl and not having broke their mind in which is the state of Lvl 5, you could get them naked outside when you've done the serum given by G on the well at night and the day afterward you could make them do the Pet play, if my guess was right. Hell, I don't know what was there anymore after the game has 'End' because you can't enter the world if you end the game with whatever the Ending you chose. Anyway, it is a great game, I do really appreciate it with the bottom of my heart and even though I'm not a Patreon of yours right now, I would be in the future if my 'condition' is met. But it is a sad thing indeed for the game to just end like that, add some more endgame content as well.

Looking back at the Old Gallery section, there's just seem 'little' scenes that was there. In summary, the gallery is consisted of:

- The scene for each corruption Lvl for the girls

- Personal Endings

- For now two misc scenes, each 1 for Elaine and Kay

- The scene for Endings(?) which consisted of three main parts | Group Endings (Teen, Milf and what was the other one?), (I forgot this one) and the Harem Ending (the one that has three part, the Good, the Bad, the Neutral)

I know, maybe I am asking too much but really, this game has more potential in it, even though the MC is such a brat but I'm okay with it; while also you could try to 'Open up' the MC's background or personality more if you could consider it, not just a whacky one. Of course I knew that some mini/extra scenes are not included in the Gallery which kinda annoying but may be it is the use for he word of the 'Old' in the Old Scene (if I'm not wrong). Also having extra scene-able characters to interact with beside all the 6 girls (please punch me in your heart if Rika is not a girl but a L***) while I knew  that there's the Wild Girl (the one in the Garden Quest) but still having more than just the linear story and characters, it's GREAT. It is what different this game from the others, maybe... 

Let me thank to you if I haven't and stay safe, sound, creative, and HEALTHY.

The same as below.

Keep it up nice and slowly :)

Me too the same!

Hehe, one of my lovely genre of game. Also I found another good game with similar genre like this, although on alpha stage it's good nonetheless. It's Latex Dungeon here's the link


Even though I haven't clear the original game UnderTale, I'll play this game first.

Looks like a good game, hopefully it'll be "continued".

Been a year though, are you still developing this game?

And it's a nice game tho!

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Thanks for the reply. I am starting up the non-VR version indeed and yeah just as I thought the problem's on my graphics card and well ... yeah what I can do now is just to wait till I got a new Proper Laptop or PC while following the development of the game. 

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And if it support a low PC's spec to run that would be GREAT, and mind is one of them, maybe. And yeah My PC's specs are:

 - Intel Core i3-7020u Processor 2.30 GHz

 - Intel® HD Graphics 620

- 4 gb RAM

Edit : And I'm not using VR device though ...

Does it need some software to run the game? I have opened it several times but it leave me with a loading pointer mouse and just like that. I have tried to open the game folder and edit the config for the game, like resolution, graphics etc; but still give me nothing. It is a nice idea for the game tho and myself too an Anime fan, so it would be great to be able to Play this game.

Or does it need a good computer's requirements to play the game? Like 8 gb Ram or Intel i7 or sort ... don't know though unless there's some explanation  on details about that -_-