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I found this variant watching a yt channel, and it seemed it might be buggy?    channel is Scott Stro-solves and he likes to work puzzles.  He thought it might be clock related as he was playing over midnight timestamp ... but ...

I've tried this game several times.  And I'm getting the failure screen while still appearing to have guesses left.  Todays try I got 8 in a row.  In the middle of that run, I scrolled after completing the word and fewer lines were awarded, in other words my scrolling stopped with only several lines added ... don't remember, but seems like it was 3 or 4 new lines.

I continued and after I guessed the word, I scrolled down and I got the full allotment of new lines to guess in ... so there is some inconsistency. 
Several words later, I was on a mid guess (third?) and guessed incorrectly. I got the failure screen (even tho I appeared to have more guesses completed. My "failing guess" did have letters correct (It wasn't an empty guess).  I'm giving these details as I don't know what might help you.

I'm on a Win10 laptop. Browser is Chrome.  Let me know if you'd like any additional info ... I like this game and hope to see it succeed, but I can't share it while I'm getting buggy play .... 



PS, trying to help here, not complaining.

Can't figure out easy way to post screenshot ... but it's verbiage says:

infinidle #6

you guessed 8 words correctly.

you lost to the word:



next infinidle in .... etc.