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My gosh was i barking up the wrong tree. Thank you so much. 

heyo, i know its very simple but im not getting it for some reason.  Are you saying that the main hero object would have  this     


in it's step event?  "pathing_blockers" would be the name of the layer with collision walls. I'm sure im way off because im getting an error. 

ty so much. PasteBin hasnt loaded for me at all.

hey Mac, is this truely a 3x3? I'm having a difficult time trying to incorporate this in game maker studio 2.

So, i love the art. i actually bought both RPG worlds bundles 1 and 2. but i agree with Mac-gamer's post. I am somewhat new to tilesets and i have no clue how to integrate this into a tileset. any help would be appreciated. 

Thank you so much