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This game is also on Nintendo Switch with a demo.

Ok! I think I will!

Ok thanks

You're welcome

Oh ok thanks!

I played this and I was like, "Hoo, boy." It was the most hilarious and happiest thing that I almost ever played. It's like a cross between funny and gay. But i'm wondering, Are there different endings besides Min being with Diya?

I stumbled across this game looking for a different game. I was thinking about playing this game and installed it. I love it so much! I can't wait to play what other games you make next.

This was great! Just by looking at the cover, it tells you, you are going to be in a world of romance and computers. I played it and I have to say, wow. It was great, the artstyle was great and the storyline was great. Keep up the good work

It's so, out of this world. I go on this game when I feel like I need a break from reality. I really can't wait for the full game!

At first, I thought that these were 14 year olds than 24 year olds, looking at the cover. I decided to play and got 21 endings. I spent a while trying to get the last 2. But this game is good. I really approve.

On the first try I got a successful date. I'm straight so I was like, "What's the whole point if you're not gay?" But the other part was like, "So? You gotta test this out!" And I did. And, overall it was cute.

I say this, Test looks more like a girl than a boy. It must be a girl, because she has the figure of a woman. I mean, the game kept saying, he, him, etc. And I really think it's a girl.

Also, I played the English version, and half of it was mixed with Spanish. I'm bilingual, but I didn't learn Spanish. So I didn't know half the stuff in there. 

Other than that, good game.

How do you put in your pic?

As a fantasy girl, I love this! When the full version comes, i'll be very excited cuz Valerie just met Chandra and I understand it was a lot but I hope the full version comes out soon!

I love it, but it has some perks...Good & Bad

1. This is cute and lovely.

2. It's nice but it could be faster, but not too fast, just a medium.

3. The artwork and girls are overall adorable! Good job!

4. I mean, they look cute together but the love could be connected more...overall it's a good game.

First ,

I could tell this was a Alice one...literally, it says Alice in Stardom. It was very nice, and  watching the original movie growing up gives a perspective of what life is like a star. Even the books.


This was very enjoyable. Being able to sit in my gaming area playing this was very interesting. 

Last but not least, Third,

I mean, not gonna lie, there are times when it randomly crashes or doesn't load correctly. I think that's just my PC talking, but other than that, Alice looks like Alice. It's nice to know after a while she still looks the same.

I was wondering if this game was good or not, surprisingly, I was intrigued by it. Very nice storyline indeed.

Exactly I've been waiting to reply and what happens? Nothing

The picture

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