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That's after the first textbox has been dismissed?
What happens when you press an arrow key at that point?

Climb to the top of the dinosaur's skull - or as far to the top as you can.

Thank you! I was impressed by your game for this jam, too.

Thanks, Vincent! This is only my first game in Bitsy, which goes to show how simple but versatile Bitsy is. You can email me at andrew_kepple @ and I'll be happy to answer any questions about making this game while it's all still fresh in my mind.

That's frustrating. Can you please describe what you're seeing - like is it just a black rectangle , or does it freeze on an image, or an error message or what?

This has succeeded where I failed (when following other tutorials to the letter) in adding music to different rooms. Now I'm going to go and add some tunes to my Bitsy game! Cheers!

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Masterful. Every bit of this is so finely-crafted. 

When I played it the music track just happened to end at precisely the point where the last conversation with the dinosaur had ended. I had to know if this was intentional so I speedran it and that's where it ended again. So I just didn't notice it looping the first time around. Another run-through confirmed it was a coincidence, but still... poignant.

Very charming.

I'm still yet to play about half of the games from this jam, but yours really stands out artistically, for me. The unique visual style is perfect for Bitsy - it's impressive how the tiny sprites and minimalist palette can still form their own style like that.

When I was playing it through the first time, I wandered into the Museum, but then I wandered back out again without talking to the person in there because I wanted to check out some other things first, and unfortunately this meant I missed out on hearing what the scientist had to say before the rest of the game happened. I also see that you can miss out on hearing what people have to say if you move to the new screen and then move back. I was thinking you should have anticipated players like that and put in safeguards against the game advancing too fast, BUT THEN I saw how the game "ends" and realised that I hadn't missed out after all. Well played, if that was your intention. The whole story is poetic in its execution.

Some nice graphics in this, and it's fun to see what the other characters have to say about everything. Dealing with falling down the hole was quite ingenious, too. I saw one error: Xavier was referred to as Xander right after they escape on the tree branch.  (Maybe that was just Vicki's mistake?)

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I edited the palette I was using for the majority of the game, added a new palette to a few other rooms, and then played it to take a look.

Noticed immediately that maybe around half of the Items in the game had disappeared from their Rooms. 

This includes Items that were using a fourth colour (manually added to the game data). Sprites, tiles, etc were unaffected. The few Items that weren't affected (all instances of one Item in the whole game seemed to be either affected or not) didn't appear to be special. Some had Dialog, some didn't.  Each palette's Item colour was easy to differentiate between the Background and Tile colours. Using the Avatar to interact with where the Items had been before didn't seem to do anything, so they weren't just invisible. Their graphical data was still the same (including extra colours) in the Drawing tab and thankfully their Dialogs were still there too.

This also happened to items in Rooms that were not using the edited palette. I hadn't edited this main palette since I started making the game.
A while before editing the main palette, I'd added one more palette for one Room, which didn't seem to result in any issues. 

I haven't done anything with the Inventory tab yet.
I haven't tried to repeat this to see what happens, but will report back here if it happens again.

I hope some of this info is useful! I also have the palette data if that helps.

This is a fantastic adventure, although I should mention I didn't actually pick up the horn at the beginning of the game. Hehe. 

Great use of scene transitions and palette!

I can do it by putting an Item on the previous Room's exit, but this workaround just happens to have a number of drawbacks for the game I'm making. Is there another way to trigger a Dialog instantly when the new Room appears, without the player having to do anything else?

An amusing romp and a noticeable improvement from the original Shark Dating Simulator. If this is just a dress rehearsal for the new engine, then opening night is gonna be great!