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This time Saiko No Sutoka v1.7.1 has done a good job, I hope to launch the official version of steam directly, and look forward to the author’s game works in the future💪💪💪

This is the saiko no sutoka v1.6.1 version of the video last week. The author released saiko no sutoka v1.7.1 so soon, which is too fast.

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Do you still have to update alpha 1.6 again? Looking forward to your game works, it is full of excitement and fun to escape the chase. The author has made a little bug, but I found out that when she kills you, the mobile version control button will appear in 1 second when the Q, E press button appears. The author should have this plan to make the mobile version, the guest players  Look forward to the mobile version~

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The story tells you that you can smoke, but you have to believe that "the heart will turn black"

Speed & RUN Don't scared 

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let dance speedrun nightmares survival 1min 59sec world record.......errrrrr not sure 

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I've been waiting too long for ayuwoki v1.6

When will the release of ayuwoki v1.6 ????  I am waiting online ~

Escape the Ayuwoki v1.5 out of map skip mission without clock pin and green key!!!