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BLM wouldnt work to pull up the covers :/ so i kept dying

very nice to play! the puzzles were fun and it was a relaxing game

NUUUUUU i gotta know what happens next! ahhh i speed played this cause quarantine and now i'm lost without the lesbaibs love storrryyy. im so excited for the next part

super spooky, nice concept. reminds me of the watson scott test a little 

download it

this was terrifying! i absolutely loved the game and it had me spooked the entire time! gosh the part in the basement really had me scared

nice game, its not really scaring but it was calming in an asmr kind of way lol.

i tried both winrar and sevenzip, im going to try reinstalling right now and trying again.

this is a really neat concept, its really well done especially for your first game :)

this game is amazing! i was paranoid the entire time, waiting for a jumpscare or something to happen. walking down the halls with the little notes had my lil heart beating so fast! i really hope this turns into a full game cause it was so fun to play.

played this game on steam, its so good and so powerful.

i tried but it just keeps saying there are not contents to extract

ive tried to but when i hit extract it says there are not contents to extract :/

im so confused lol

why did this break my heart....

super fun and cute! love the "impress mom" level. it was really fun trying to get around the hair and birds. reminds me of snake

im terrible at it but its fun

the spinning camera kind of gives me a headache but still fun! it would make a fun little mobile game

this a really fun little demo! i really like the mechanics and i definitely am going to look into getting the full thing 👀

payed for the game but im unable to play it because it wont open :( 

really dissapointed

a cute fun and relaxing game, i really enjoyed playing. it was peaceful.

so cute and well made, such an important thing to teach too. stay indoors and if u absolutely must go outside avoid human contact and wash your hands. hope everyone is staying safe!

walking through the house was and finding all these small things off and than walking down stairs and the things head slowly turning to look at you was soooo unnerving. the movements were a little too slow for me, it felt a little monotonous having to walk through and scan the rooms and than "scanning" through the master bedroom was really tiring and kind of boring. good game overall just a little boring


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this was a really fun experience! i got so distracted by trying to place the books nice and neatly from big to small and when the books all freaked out it actually kind of spooked me lol. i was definitely expecting a jump scare while looking around the house and the little dead fishy made me laugh since i definitely wasn't expecting that.

its a really fun quick game, the mechanics are the usual and very easy to understand and its all around just really pleasing to play :) thanks for sharing it and i cant wait for the full thing!

be careful 👀 lol

this was a fun play! the way the creature moved was so freaky and i can imagine still being scared of this even as an adult. great game!