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Thanks for playing and yep I didn't made the art.

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Nice Game. I like the art style and the sound effects and music was good too. Only problem I encountered was after destroying area and re-entering it, the sound effect was very loud.

Wish it had more characters apart from the Harrisons, with different personalities and memories. Overall a good game👍

Really fun game to play. At first I was confused what to do so kept killing the bugs. But when later found they can be fed to carrots I was raising an army of bug eating carrots.

In the end I had giant, super serum-ed, bug eating carrots roaming around the screen. Keep up the good work 👍

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Really sorry about controls. Wanted to implement key re-mapping but was tired and didn't had enough time. Glad you like it.

Thanks for playing the game.

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I am really sorry I wanted to implement reconfigurable keys, But didn't get enough time. Sorry about that.

I wanted to keep controls simple and match patterns with movements. Glad You liked it.

Anyways, Thank You for playing my game.