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JOLT FLUX is a brilliant reimagining of the core BOLT rules. The core dice system is there, as are the big six attributes, but everything else is different. Tenacity works differently, health works differently, skills and growth and even Incentives works differently.

And all of this is built in order to build new mechanics that dig into the experience of oppression and marginalization in way that just...fuck! It hits hard folks!

Seriously, JOLT FLUX is good shit, and Omi is on the forefront of reimagining what an RPG can be.

- Ajey Pandey, Writer of BOLT 

Did you want a slick sci-fi game about exo-suits beating up space capitalists? Of COURSE you do! This is that.

SEED, as an organization, is just so perfect, and I love how the core adventure hooks for this setting are about environmental restoration, not just shooting capitalists. But seriously, check out that introduction adventure module. Youssef is best boy.

This setting comes with a slick layout, brand new Backgrounds and Roles, well-thought-out downtime rules, and a bunch of new rules for exo-suit modules that would port quite well for a full-fledged mech game. All in all, a SUPER good sci-fi setting hack of BOLT, which you should check out for yourself.

For SEED! For Earth!

- Ajey Pandey, Writer of BOLT

This is a haunting piece just to read.

It’s rare for a game to give you a gut punch like this, even if you don’t have a Jenga Tower to use to play this.

Kevin, you’re utterly brilliant, and you deserve infinite hype

Red Snow fucked me up

It made me cry and it hurt, and it made me immediately text a close friend of mine to tell them I missed them

I don’t know how Amr managed to make BOLT play nice with its mirror-world counterpart, Fate, but somehow they made it work. The short answer is that DASH takes the resolution and combat systems of BOLT and merges them with the character creation and aspect systems of Fate, but that undersells the amount of rewiring under the hood that Amr did to make this work.

If BOLT is too crunchy for you, or if Fate feels too lightweight, or if you just want another kickass RPG engine to build off, check out DASH, you won’t regret it.

- Ajey Pandey,  Writer of BOLT

Crunchy spaceship combat is basically a White Whale of TTRPGs—a bunch of folks have tried, and few succeed.

Ben succeeded so well, that at this point, I, the main writer of BOLT, don’t think I need to actually write space combat myself. 

This rules supplement comes with elegant rules for low- and zero-G maneuvering, flexible ship roles, missile and laser rules for ship combat, and slick ship damage rules that don’t damn a crew if their ship is wrecked. 

And this doesn’t even get to the hard sci-fi setting these rules are attached to. Saturn’s Gate merges the themes of games like The Outer Worlds and Hardspace: Shipbreaker with a grounded take on how the hell humans ended up around the rings of Saturn.

The science never gets in the way of the Space Pete Seeger songs implied by the campaign hooks, but it’s well-thought-out, should you poke around.

Watch this space—this setting is only getting more updates.

-Ajey Pandey, Writer of BOLT

This magic system is absolutely sick. If you thought wizards in your home game took too long to play, or weren’t wildly OP enough, this supplement solves your problems AND THEN SOME.

I freaking love it. The minor arcana spells are bonkersly-overpowered elemental powers with scarce restrictions, and the major arcana spells are downright game-breaking.

As they should be.

This supplement goes HARD and I’m hype as hell about Cas’s work.

Ajey Pandey, writer of BOLT

This crafting system is HOT stuff.

It’s a true module in that you can just plug this into BOLT, and it’ll work flawlessly. Honestly, I think the real strength of this system is that these crafting rules are as modular as the core rules.

Lexi’s Shield Hack already integrates with these crafting rules, and expect more modules to do the same; they’re THAT good.

- Ajey Pandey, Writer of BOLT

This shields hack is an absolutely INCREDIBLE piece of BOLT content!

It’s a true module in that you can plug this into your BOLT game, and it’ll run flawlessly. By re-mapping the cover and shield rules in BOLT, Lexi has made using shields more engaging and made tank builds more viable!

One of the sharpest implications of the new rules is that it literally changes how shield-focused characters act within the Action Economy, making turtling up feel like a new way to play the game.

It’s brilliant.

For more detail, read this thread:

-Ajey Pandey, Writer of BOLT

oooooo good suggestion! There's an empty character sheet at the back of the book, I think...unless that's missing...

No need to apologize; that’s what the community copies are for <3