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The Nemesis is, in my estimation, a boss-type character. Think your Yellow 13, your Mister X, your Crimson 1. It’s more narrative than mechanical.

Whoops! Uploaded the file. Good catch!

Absolutely! My email address is

Hey Emanoel! That would be rad! I’d be super interested.

You should be able to re-download the game from the same download link on the top banner!
It’ll just have different files.

Thunderbolt is standalone! In fact, it’s actually quite different in gameplay from the core game.

No worries! There will be community copies available!

This module will get an update with the setting stretch goal, where it’ll get bundled with the Legends of Neeram setting!

This is a haunting piece just to read.

It’s rare for a game to give you a gut punch like this, even if you don’t have a Jenga Tower to use to play this.

Kevin, you’re utterly brilliant, and you deserve infinite hype

Red Snow fucked me up

It made me cry and it hurt, and it made me immediately text a close friend of mine to tell them I missed them

I don’t know how Amr managed to make BOLT play nice with its mirror-world counterpart, Fate, but somehow they made it work. The short answer is that DASH takes the resolution and combat systems of BOLT and merges them with the character creation and aspect systems of Fate, but that undersells the amount of rewiring under the hood that Amr did to make this work.

If BOLT is too crunchy for you, or if Fate feels too lightweight, or if you just want another kickass RPG engine to build off, check out DASH, you won’t regret it.

- Ajey Pandey,  Writer of BOLT