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i love this game??? it's so cute and i love that you can take your time to figure it out. only thing is, occassionally it'll freeze up to where you can't drag things around and you get stuck. so good, i'm excited for how it's going

this is Such a lovely game

reaallly really cute!!! moving is such a good activity for bonding ;) i love them all

this is delightful!!!

this is literally so cool

ok so just based off of the intro i'm expecting Something. Y'all ever watched actual footage of bears or whatever that's called? that's the vibe i'm getting. will come back when i have head phones

the fix is to zoom your browser out a lil

this was so good!! took an hour 20, and I only really got stuck in a few places. i really like the ceiling heart puzzle and the design of the figurines. really dug the fire+teeth one

the books weren't necessary to read, they had arrows to the next planet at the top of each page

this was fun! I had to think kinda sideways which i like

im bad at games and this is fun but hard. i just need the last one

really nice! Took 15 minutes. I appreciated the rule change to swap up strategies

i love that following the arrows keeps you in a cis loop :)) so funny. I want to find how to get through the sideways portal in the queer room