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Hey! I bought the "Tilesets Mega Bundle Fantasy Dreamland"  for $29.99 USD tax included back in January for GameMaker back when it was only possible to download it through Steam -- however I can't find it on your page and I don't know if it's been updated. I would have downloaded it directly from if it had been available on here back then -- does this pack match the one I ordered then or is it another one? In any case, since Steam cannot help me restore my purchase, would you happen to know how I can download it again? There is no download link or anything in my emails unfortunately.

Sorry for the trouble!

Je n'ai pas la liste de tête comme je travaille dessus depuis plus d'un an plein de choses se sont faites au fur et à mesure, mais de mémoire :

- bruits d'ambiance comme la mer au premier épisode

- le prologue

- modification de la musique principale

- nouveaux décors

- mise à jour de certains sprites de personnages qui ont été légèrement retravaillés

- nouvelle interface avec l'illustration d'accueil avec tous les crushs + Rachel

Au niveau de l'histoire, rien n'a vraiment été changé, à part quelques fautes corrigées, et peut-être quelques précisions apportées pour certaines phrases quand ça me paraissait incomplet / vague à ma relecture !

Tous les liens ont été mis à jour ! Normalement, il n'y aura plus de message d'erreur !

Merci beaucoup, c'est corrigé ! Ce sera mis à jour avec la prochaine mise à jour ! 

L'épisode 8 est maintenant disponible !

Purchased it in early January but didn't find the time to look into the engine and the videos tutorials until today and honestly... this engine has EVERYTHING one might need, and the tutorials already available are complete and easy to understand. I've got 0 experience with Gamemaker or coding in general (except for Python solely used in the Ren'Py engine) but this engine is worth way more than every penny. If any of you has any experience with RPG Maker, this is even easier to use and actually lets you do way more. 

Can't wait for what the February public release and/or next update will bring, and thanks to Yanako and all the artists for this gem! It's making a decade-old project go from an unachievable dream to something that feels like playing a game in itself

There will be! I'll let you know when it's out!

There will be! I'll let you know when it's out!

Just testing the comment section, don't mind me!